Happy Birthday, John

John Clark celebrated his 80th birthday by bringing in this stunning golf-themed birthday cake.  After the Wednesday swindle he applied the knife to the work of art and shared it out in the clubhouse.

John wields the knifeHe spent the great day in the company of his daughter who has returned from Canada to help with the celebrations.

Among other treats he spent an evening in one of Essex’s premier eateries.  The lip-jobs and botox didn’t put off our hero too much but he does prefer taking money from the COBs twice a week.

Mr Rymer says that no handicap allowance is possible on the grounds of antiquity.

Many Happy Returns, John!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, John”

  1. Thank’s Greg first time i’ve entered our site for some time ‘ pity you took the snap of my fine head of hair.For your efforts i have left a bag in the till with your winnings the last time you played,although strictly speaking you should have been DQ as you played off the wrong h’cap.Now you are 15 you should have played 17. John

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