Captains New Years message

First of all Happy New year and all the best for 2014.

Due to my computer malfunction I could not produce a November report, so I apologise.

Thank you to everyone for attending the christmas dinner, the food was wonderful. As I got up to make my thank you speech I was bombarded with every missle possible, mostly coming from young Johnson and Peter Steward

Quiz Night

We replaced our normal christmas prize night with a quiz, which was very sucessful and fun. We had a great turn out of 74 people, with the winners being 6 Eggheads. It was well organised and a lot of hard work. Thanks to Brian Sindon, Brian Woods, Andy and Eileen. If I have left anybody out sorry but thank you too.

December Golf

For the first game in December, my vice was away partying with Charlie, so Alan Charlton stepped into the breech. Our opponents were Mr Simon Bell and Kevin O’Donoghue. Simon and Kevin were dove-tailing pretty well but Alan and I were keeping our heads above water. One down after nine, Simon and Kevin still steady, but Alan hit a great run of form and we shook hands on the 18th with a win.

My next match was on the 8th december. Steve was back from his partying and we faced Paul Wilson and Jimmy Hobley. Paul and Jimmy were very steady being the bandits that they are. Once again, we were one down after nine, which I think fired up the viceman as we shook hands on the 15th with a win. Steve scored 24 points coming back and 41 overall but narrowly missed out on a turkey.

On the 15th December, me and Steve faced Burnsy and Lovney. Not much to say about this one. Keith and Paul were 5 up at the turn, both playing very well. Burnsy needed oven gloves to hold his clubs. We shook hands on the 15th with a loss but we managed to win the back nine. Paul has been putting all his winnings into the charity box, thanks very much Paul.

The 22nd December was a swindle. After throwing the balls up it was me and Scott Parnell vs Andy Traynor and Jason King. Can’t remember much about this one but they took us to the cleaners.

The 29th was another swindle, I was drawn in a three ball with Kevin and Don. We all played ok. Kevin come first in our match with 8 skins, I came second with 6 skins and don with 4 skins. Great day had by all.

Once again have a great 2014, good golf and we should have some photos next year.