Captain’s Log

Hi everyone. Just thought I’d drop a few lines down to update the last Captains newsletter from last May!


I think you’ll all agree that the drive in was great fun and I’d like to thank you all personally for your support. You made a nerve racking day tremendously enjoyable and memorable. I was just a little upset that the committee insisted on reducing the size of my picture …
Since then we have had the Christmas Dinner; a great quiz hosted by Bryan, Stef, Andy n Eileen; and, although only 24 of us, a very successful New Year’s Eve party with Cocktails n Dreams which raised £175 for the Club coffers.
I’m sure that most of you are aware already but I would like to thank Kev O’Donohue for taking over as club secretary. He takes over from the tireless Bryan Sinden who will remain the the Treasurer. If first impressions are anything to go by then I’m sure that the running of the club is in great hands.

What a round!

Also very noteworthy was Gary Knights 1 under par round of 71 which saw his handicap drop below mine for the first time since I was 8 years old.
My Vice captain and I are on quite a run golf-wise with only 1 very narrow defeat against Don n Applegate when I was extremely pissed. (We also lost our first match against Diggers n Doc but I don’t really count that because it was on a Saturday and everybody knows that Saturday doesn’t really count!)

So thanks to Gary Westbrook a.k.a. “Zero Skins Gazza”, Margrave, Parnell, Johnson, Johnson, Lawrence, Kev, Farty Pants and special mention to Bundy father n son who put up very little resistance whatsoever. If I’ve missed anyone then feel free to make yourself known? All have made sizable contributions to the Captains charity box over the last 10 weeks or so.

A challenge

So I challenge you all to raise your game and test Captain and Vice on the course.

Coming Up

Coming up is 70’s night Fancy Dress on 28th Feb, please see Vice or myself for tickets £10 in advance.
Then prize giving on or around 14 March (TBC)I think that will do for now- maybe I’ll do another one after the party when the focus will be on the new season and Norman Plum and Thornton Cup.Kind regards,your Captain Steve

2 thoughts on “Captain’s Log”

  1. Good words Steve and wish all the best for you and our new Secretary who I’m sure will lead and set great standards for the club in 2015. ps. who’s the retard in the grass beret? TR.

  2. Good read captain – I think me and pro Pete deserve some extra credit for taking you and your loverboy to the 17th

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