Happy 100th Birthday!

Centenary Captain’s Day celebrates Chingford GC’s first one hundred years.

The Chingford GC Captain’s Day was marked by a great turn-out, lovely weather, enjoyment all round and heroic acts of self-sacrifice from both our joint captains.

Terry Rymer hit form for the occasion and presented the best card but stood aside rather than grab his own prize.

Bryan Sinden stood aside in order to let a guest take his place. A local purveyor of wax ear protectors later lamented the resultant loss of business.

Steve Durman took first prize as a result and son Tom got the round of golf. Toby Hall was second and Don Johnson third.

But both were united in thanking the participants and in celebrating this great milestone. They also got together to cut the cake which had been prepared for the occasion.

Here are some other pics of the day:






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