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Happy New Year and here’s to a great season in 2016.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who attended last weekends New Year Party at the Club.  The feedback has been extremely positive and personally I was chuffed with how it turned out.

We had over ninety people enjoying themselves with still over fifty of them not wanting to leave by the finish time of 1.00 am.

Our President left around 10pm looking rather smug after calculating the takings for the night which I believe was a record.  So thank you to all who supported me and the club (at the bar).

Lots of people to thank so let’s start with Denise Durman who supplied the food and her time at cost.  As normal the spread was superb and well received.  Thank you to Vice Captain Kevin and his lovely wife Elaine who gave up their Friday evening to lay out the tables and chairs upstairs as well as organising the desserts.  Thanks to Mo and Gary for their tireless work behind the bar and to Don for organising Terry the DJ who was awesome with the mix of music he chose to keep everyone up dancing.

Thank you to our guests who travelled far and wide.  Roy Durman won that honour with family members travelling all the way from Southampton so thank you Roy.

A special mention has to go to Laura, Jimmy and Peter for selling tickets that made up nearly a third of the guest list.  Thank you guys and girl!

Thank you to Royal Epping Captain Ray Kelly and his guests.  I hope to return the favour by supporting one of your functions in the near future.

And finally a huge thank you to all the CGC members, friends and guests of our small but great club.  There may not be many of us but what a bunch.  Great to see the normal suspects supporting me as they have done with all the previous Captains and what I was most proud of was the presence of many of our newer members supporting with friends and family.

The year has started well for Kevin and I as Captain and Vice and so we will turn our attention to upcoming events which will include another party probably around March/April time.  Details will be found here on the club website, on the club table planners and by email.

Thank you all again for the tremendous support and I will see you soon.

Captain Paul

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