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Sundhu drives in

Major Sundhu, having completed the ritual swipe at the ball with an ancient wood is now our new captain.

A large gathering was present to wish him well and to thank the outgoing captain, Jonathan Margrave, who duly putted out.

Speeches were delivered and enjoyed, beer was drunk and the first and second prizes for guessing the distance our new captain would whack it were won by Denise Durman and her granddaughter, Olivia.

Here are some pics to prove that it wasn’t all a dream:

Captain’s Away Day Report

Lovely, great, smashing – look what you could’ve won!

So, the weather behaved itself yet again for us all and we were treated to a lovely day of sunshine throughout – with a bit of a generous breeze in the afternoon.

After a warm and friendly greeting from the General Manager at Muswell Hill Golf Club he proceeded to tell me that they had a championship taking place on the Saturday and that the greens had been ironed so they would be high on the stimp meter! He wasn’t kidding – I have seen more friction on glass!

Suffice to say that they were in excellent condition as was the course and all of the facilities too.

After a hearty bacon roll and a cup of tea first thing (with a lot of rules explaining too) we got started with a 9-hole Texas Scramble to get a feel for the course.

As expected, the greens were a challenge and that meant that the scoring was quite standard with most groups at or around even par for their rounds.

The team with a healthy handicap and a score of 1 under gross for their 9 holes took the prize in the end – well done to Toby Hall, Mike Steele, John Hall and Kevin Wright.

A return to the clubhouse saw us have a healthy lunch of Ham, Egg and Chips washed down with a variety of beverages depending on how well people were thinking of their game at that point!

Then came the afternoon singles stableford and various hole prizes over the full 18 holes.

As a weary group of ageing men dragged themselves round 18 holes the scoring for the earlier groups reflected this with a few odd exceptions. Anything above 30 points was an excellent score on the day given the conditions and anyone achieving that deserved to be among the prizes.

Before the prizes were handed out, we were treated to a lovely evening meal, enjoyed by all.

OK so the afternoon prize winners were:

Nearest the pin on the 5th hole went to one of my Guests from up North – Jason Bullock. Well done JB.

Nearest the pin on the 8th was John Hall but as it is a one prize only event this prize was passed on to our Best Guest on the day – Marc Smith. Well done Marc that is a prize at both home and away days – I expect you to be joining soon!

Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 10th hole went to our own Don Johnson – well done Don.

Nearest the pin on the 12th hole went to our own Simon Bell with a great shot to get inside what was already leading at the time. Well done Simon.

Nearest the pin on the 14th hole actually went to me! Cannot believe that wasn’t bettered as it was quite a short hole.

Longest Drive on the 17th Hole was John Hall but again he couldn’t take an extra prize, so it was rolled back, and the recipient was another of my Friends from the North – Ian Jenkins. Well done Ian.

The runner up on the day was the already mentioned John Hall with an excellent 35 points. Clearly, he had a good day as his name was on most of the hole prizes too at some point. Well done John.

However, as always, there can only be one winner and the black cab mafia again take the main prize at a Captains Day – this time with a great score of 36 points it was Kevin Wright. Terry has probably cut you already!

That just leaves me to say my thankyous to those that helped me in getting the day to run as smooth as it did:

Peter Lawrence for helping me in getting the cards done
Terry Rymer for collecting cash off players not paying in to the bank
My Friends from the North for supporting me on the day
ALL of the team at Muswell Hill who were excellent throughout

I will be clearing off on holiday next week, but my thoughts are already turning towards the Dinner Dance as the next main event so watch out for some communications about the function in terms of prices, food choices etc. Hopefully I shall see as many of you there as possible to end the year on a high – don’t forget it is Saturday October 19th.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Captain’s Day 2019

Captain’s Day Report

It wa’ a reet grand day out!

I will start off with a run-down of the events of Captain’s Day on Sunday 9th June and then finish off with other club updates as I am a bit behind on writing my reports!

So, what a great day it was weather wise on my Captain’s Day. After several days of very indifferent weather to be polite we were blessed with a full day of lovely sunshine and the course was in the best nick it had been for ages enabling good scoring on the day………..more of that later!

So, after Brian Gee man-handled £10 out of everybody on the first tee (thanks Brian) the first competition of the day was a charity putting event held on the practice green. At 2 goes for a £1 my Wife Amanda and Leann Arkell made sure that as many people as possible joined in the event and did the best to win the prize – including people not actually playing in the Captain’s Day – nice one Ladies!

There were 3 winners with the 1st prize of a Putt Out training aid and a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s going to Bernie Baker as he holed out on his first attempt whilst the other two took two goes. The joint runners up, each receiving a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s were Rob Collett (REFGC) and Dave Applegate.

The next prize (£5000 cash) was for a hole in one on the 3rd hole which nobody claimed on the day but the winner of nearest the pin (and very nearly a hole in one winner) was my old mate from Sunny Scunny Ian Jenkins. Well done Ian who received a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s and a specially designed tee bag full of tees and markers.

The next prize (Motocaddy Electric Trolley) was for a hole in one on the 7th hole which again nobody claimed on the day but the winner of nearest the pin was Peter Steward (just nicking it off our Guest Trevor Newell!)who again won a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s and a specially designed tee bag full of tees and markers.

Next up was nearest the pin in 2 on the tricky 11th which was won by our resident injury prone star Max Lawrence (thanks for playing on the day mate!). Max again wins a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s and a specially designed tee bag full of tees and markers.

Whilst everybody re-fuelled after the 12th green it was on to the next prize which was for a custom set of Titleist AP2 irons on the 13th hole for scoring a hole in one. Again nobody claimed this but there was a nearest the pin winner (after eliminating other prize winners) it became the prize of Kevin O’Donoghue – Kevin wins a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s and a specially designed tee bag full of tees and markers.

And so onto the last on-course prize which was for the longest drive on the 18th hole which I held briefly before first Paul Wilson out drove me and then the eventual winner Marc Smith, a guest of Major. He wins a sleeve of commemorative Titleist Pro V1s and a specially designed tee bag full of tees and markers too.

OK so on to the main prizes and a big thank you for being such a great sport to Michael Johnson who came in with the lowest score on the day of the members and readily accepted his prize of a plastic set of golf clubs. He tells me that it will be a great prezzie for his niece, but rumour has it that there is a photo of him using them at a golf course in Brentwood………

Best Guest Prize on the day went to our second guest from Royal Epping – Jason Arnold – who shot a great score of 38 points. Well done Jason you win a selection of commemorative items and equipment and an American Golf Voucher. Hopefully see you and Rob at my away Day.

Runner Up on the day for the members with an excellent score of 42 points was Alan Charlton (yes Terry got the scythe out for him afterwards!!). Well done Alan you also won a selection of commemorative items and equipment and an American Golf Voucher.

The overall winner on the day with an excellent never been seen before ever in all the times I have played with him did I say ever was Mike Steele with 43 points. Huge congratulations go to Mike, a great mate whom I am delighted to see win on my day. (Yes, Terry scythed him down too afterwards!). Mike also wins a selection of commemorative items and equipment and an American Golf Voucher.

During the speeches I said a number of thankyous to all that helped to make the event what it was on the day. I would like to do so again here.

  1. Major Sundhu – my Vice Captain for helping chase up the numbers whilst some of us were on tour to get the tee times sorted for the day.
  2. Elaine (helped by Hubby Kevin O’D of course) and Karen who gave up their time and put on a great stall by the 12th green to keep everybody fed and watered with what they fancied.
  3. Dave Bundy and Scott Parnell who acted as spotters for the hole in one prizes on the 3rd, 7th and 13th holes. [no pictures available]
  4. Max for running the bar on his dodgy leg in the club afterwards
  5. The caterers for putting on a lovely spread for the buffet in the afternoon.
  6. My Wife and Leann Arkell for their help on the putting green.
  7. My Son (Oliver) and his fiancée Simone who were sensational on the day in collecting charity money for the hole in one prizes on my behalf on each of the holes. They did a fabulous job and I was very proud of them. My Daughter (Laura) unfortunately put her back out on the Saturday before the day but gamely came down any way to support me on the day.

The main aim of the day wasn’t to have a game of golf and enjoy the marvellous weather it was to raise as much money for my charity CALM.

Due to the great work of my family and friends and the generosity of all of those that played on the day we managed to raise a great total of £450.

Thank you everybody for making my Captain’s Day so special!

My Captain’s Away Day is fast approaching (Friday 12th July at Muswell Hill) – please can you confirm your attendance with myself and/or Major ASAP if you haven’t already. I am hoping to get 40 names down as a minimum.

The cost is £70 for the day which includes 27 holes with 3 meals and some good prizes to be won!

So far, we have a good mix of Chingford members and guests so it should be a great day. I will hope that we have good weather for this day too!

Other Club News

We had our first Bingo night on Friday 19th April which was well attended and enjoyed by the many that did.

It was Easter themed and as a result Easter Eggs and chocolate of many different styles were won on the night.

A massive thank you to Max and Jessica Lawrence who were the comperes for the evening – clearly Max has a new career after teaching if he wants it!

Again the idea of the night was to raise some extra money for my charity and we managed £100 in total by the end of the night – thank you.

There will be two or three more charity related events to be held before my year is up so please look out for comms on this in the coming weeks.

In Golf news we have had a mixed run of results for the club with our Norman Plum team going out in the first round versus Southend. However, the Sureguard (3 pairs playing betterball stableford matchplay) team got a win playing away versus Cheshunt only for us to get knocked out in June playing away again but this time versus Stevenage. There was controversy in the first pairing of this match, however, that didn’t affect the match result overall and didn’t spoil the day as Stevenage were great hosts who fed and watered us well after the match had been completed.

This means that we are out of all competitions now with the Forest Cup being our only hope of getting a win this year left. We are defending champions of course after last year’s win so I am looking forward to this one again.

The KO matches are now in full swing – please keep Major in the loop when organising matches so he can get the tee times in order – and put your results on the sheets for Bryan and Terry to manage the draws.

Have a fantastic few weeks everybody – next report will be after the away day!