Seniors Section

As many of you already know, after many years of sterling service, Bryan Woods and Bill McEwan are stepping down as organisers of the COBs or Seniors’ Section.

Rather than allow the COBs matches to die out Kevin O’Donoghue has stepped forward to keep them going. Although Kevin already does a lot for the club as a member of the golf sub-committee he has now added the COBs to his list of tasks.

At the last full committee meeting Don Johnson and Greg Harper volunteered to help out. On Friday 22nd November they held their first meeting. The outcome of this and other news can be found under COBs News. As the fixtures list comes together that also will be available on the website.

There will be space in the news items for members to add their comments and to contribute ideas. Please do so. And please support Kevin Don and Greg by putting your name down for matches and joining in when possible.