Captain’s Blog: Summer 2015

Ok apologies everyone for the delay in reporting but in my defence I have had the busiest summer in living memory culminating in remarrying my beautiful wife Denise. Anyway enough excuses let’s see what’s been going on…..

Captains Day 28th June

We had great fun if not great weather.  Lovers and myself dressed for the occasion in the lairiest outfits we could find.  Now Paul has lost a few pounds he feels the need for a new wardrobe and I’m getting dragged along for the ride.  I’m not saying we got away with it but yes, Paul, they certainly look better in a 32″ waist!

Obviously I’m too modest to mention that I had 39 points but it did give me great pleasure to give Johnny Clarke top prize of an iPad mini – although I did have to explain to him what it was that he had actually won…

Saunders Trophy 26th July

Come on Chingford! 16 of us doing what we like most, bashing up the Epping to regain the Saunders Trophy.  We toughed out horrendous weather to keep hold of the trophy, although that was only because we never actually gave it to them after their victory last year!!

Captains Away day Toot Hill 31st July

Many thanks to everyone who made the trip.  I know it’s not far to Toot but I know a lot of you have to use a day’s holiday so just want you to know that I appreciate all your support.

Started off with a 12 hole Texas and the dream team of my son Charlie, nephew Max and Woodford pro Kenny Banks scored an unbelievable gross score of -11.  Oh sorry they also had our pro Andy Traynor in their team but it didn’t seem to hurt them too much….. (only joking Andy!)

Second opportunity for me n Lovers to adorn a dodgy outfit but didn’t seem to inspire us this time.  Michael Johnson was a popular winner with an impressive 40 points. I know he has been struggling for a while so well done Mike.

Princess Day 14th August

What a great day. One of our biggest events at the club and this is our 5th year.   Lots of people play their part and I mentioned them all on the day but I will just say now that my Dad and wife Denise worked exceptionally hard to organise and feed over 80 golfers plus guests.  We raised nearly £2000 for Teenage Cancer Trust as well as helping the club with bar receipts etc.

Our new secretary Kev scored a massive 45 points to take the Trophy – even more unbelievable because of a self imposed 2 shot cut just a couple a days before.  Personally I was very happy to see him win, not just because he is a good friend of mine but because he has been struggling big time for a couple of years.

Charlie Durman

Very proud Daddy.  Charlie did great this summer.  Please check out the separate post about Charlie.

Upcoming Events

Forest Cup 12th September at Woodford- I will be sending separate email

Presidents Day 25th September, please come and support your President.

Quiz 26th September, let Kev or myself know if you want a table

Dinner Dance – 10th October, book a table with me Lovers or on the list at the club.

AGM 21st October

Then it’s all over

Captains Drive in 25th October!

Come and support your new Captain Paul Lovney.

Ok think that’s all

Your Captain Durms

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