Captain’s Log: May

Hi everyone,

It’s been a couple of months since my last blog so there is quite a lot to report.

Annual Tour

Kicking off with our annual tour which was very well organised as usual by Andy Traynor, Gary Knight and Kev O’Donoghue back in the middle of April.

24 of the usual suspects trying desperately to consume copious amounts of alcohol, overcome sleep deprivation, play some of the most difficult courses in Europe and then with complete disbelief try to come to terms with the fact that we played shite!  The funny thing is that we will do it all again next year and be amazed at exactly the same result.

Congrats to Jonathan Margrave on his victory, on only his second tour, and also Andy Traynor on coming second playing off scratch is a great achievement.

Just leaves me to mention Mike Johnson and Arkell who lost a bet with Lovers and myself before we came away and gamefully upheld their bet to wear dog collars all night.

Team Competitions

First, the Gordon Forster final.  Simon Bell, Gary Knight, Lovers and myself representing the club in a national final. Unfortunately we came 6th out of 7 entrants.  That being said we only finished 11 shots behind the winners who had one guy score 45 points alone.  We know we can do better and will endeavour to do so next year.

On May 3rd we played Thornton cup against the strongest opposition that I have faced in 17 years.  I’m not sure if Don, Tiger or Terry have ever played against a stronger team but I doubt it.  Their highest handicapper was 3.4.  They had three + handicap guys in their team!  Yes we got beat 15-0 but most of us put up a very respectable fight with most matches finishing around the 15th which is far from a disgrace.  We also had team t shirts ‘n jumpers for the first time that I can remember so at least we looked the best!
I have to make a special mention to Major and Mark Arkell.  With a combined handicap of 26 they took a 1&2 handicap down the 18th and we’re very unlucky to get nothing out of the match.  Gargantuan performance in their Thornton cup debut.  Well done guys.

Commiserations to our Norman Plum team who lost to Bentley on May 10th but thanks to all who played and represented our club.

Gone to the Dogs

Mark Arkell arranged another night at the dogs last Saturday, unfortunately Denise and myself were a bit poorly so couldn’t attend but he had a great turn out with 34 people going I believe, so well done Mark.

Down to Earth

Ok just leaves me to say that Lovers and myself suffered our first defeat since Jan 3rd at the hands of Gary Knight and Major.  To be fair, we were getting a bit big for our boots so probably needed bringing down to earth.  And well done Gazza on winning the medal last week.

Dates for your diary

We will be arranging another night at the club very shortly so I will send an email out.

Don’t forget Captains day on 28th June, away day at Toot Hill on July 31st and Princess day 14th Aug.

Phew that was a busy couple of months so I will try not to leave it so long next time.

Your Captain Steve.

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