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Reports on anything going on at the club.

A New Era dawns

After Peter Lawrence putted out with great style and Steve Durman drove in, everyone returned to the clubhouse.  The new era was launched by the new vice and captain who reassured members that the club would be safe in their hands.  The new era began when the official with responsibility for measuring the captain’s drive pocketed first prize in the sweep.

Here is a movie and some photos:


An embarrassment of redness?

Have you still got a wardrobe full of red gear you no longer know what to do with?  Denise Durman has just the plan.  Friends of hers and Steve in Arkansas are involved with a charity which can use any golf gear to help underprivileged kids play golf: Continue reading KidsNGolf

Relief from casual water on the green.

After heavy rain, the 14th had water pooling all along the back edge of the putting surface. Dick Rawles ball had come to rest on the green but in the water. His nearest point of relief was clearly off the green but this meant he would now have to chip the ball over the water on the green to the hole. So that’s tough right because you don’t get relief from casual water on the green if you are off the green? Well not if you have dropped from the green! You are entitled to a dry area to drop and a dry line to the hole even if your nearest point is off the green! Remember this rule, especially right now it may save you a shot and some grief.  TR.