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Prizes 2019

Prize Night on Friday 8th March was a well attended event in three parts.

First up was Bryan Sinden explaining the rule changes to a class of increasingly bumptious students. Most of the Rule-Meister’s observations passed by without comment until the question was raised of the possibility of a hurricane causing the ball the partly enter the hole and then come out again. As it turned out it was a topical issue on a weekend of high winds.

The matter was not resolved but Sinders surrendered the mic and the assembled company fell upon a sumptuous spread of superior finger food prepared by June Rymer. Three Cheers for June!

Now came the main event with captain Jon Margrave handing out the prizes. The main man of the year seems to have been Paul Wilson, although Don (now “Donatello”) Johnson might contest that.

Here are Paul’s handshakes:

Here are Don’s:

The rest will follow. But it should be mentioned that Dick Charsley did very well in his Captain’s Year:

New competition

Dear All
Following feedback from current members there have been requests to do something different over the winter to try and make it more interesting for those who bravely (or stupidly) still go out and play every week when the course allows it.
After discussing a number of suggestions at the last committee meeting we have settled on running an Eclectic competition for the months of January, February and March.
The winner of the league will be the person with the best overall nett round made up of the best nett score on each hole
It will work as follows:
  • It will be played off full handicaps
  • ALL individual authenticated cards submitted in this period will count
  • It applies to ALL members
  • Cards will be collected every Sunday pm for the previous week’s scores
  • Weekly results will be reported on Master Scoreboard
If you have any questions then please contact any member of the golf committee.
Good luck everyone!