The Gods smile down

Weather wise the gods have looked down on us with a smile this month.  The course is not in bad shape and can only get better.

Competition season has grabbed us once more; everybody except me, that is, I’m out of the juniors and Perrin already.  There’s always next year.

It looks as if members are arranging their matches on time even though we’e had a few outside comps.  This can only be good for the club and the committee: well done chaps!

Well done to Brenden Kelly for winning the April medal .

Outside competitions: the Gods frown

We’ll start with the Norman Plum, which we lost both home and away to Basildon  So less said about that the better.  Unlucky gentlemen, thanks to all those who put their name down
and played.

In the Leslie Wood we played Bentley away which is a tough course and against stiff opponents.  We were defeated but our Chingford boys put up a good fight considering our average handicap was only 11.  Well done to all those who played especially Peter Steward and Johnathan Margrave.

Special thanks to their captain Steve Durman the caddies and the support we had on that day.

Your Captain, vice and Peter Steward are doing a quiz on Saturday the 31st of May.  There will be a sheet up Friday so please put your teams down.

On behalf of the club, I’d like to thank  Alan Charlton for all the hard work he has done on the new kitchen these past few weeks.  Well done Al!

Writing this news letter thinking of the Tour, which will be in the report next month.

Apologies for my pen to paper like my golf it can only get better.

Regards Peter.


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