Captain’s Log

Ok guys time for another update.

After a very successful 70’s party last week I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making it a well attended event.  It reminded me of the club a few years ago.  The club was virtually full and we didn’t leave until gone 3am!  Special thanks to Gary Middleton who soldiered on to the end and my wife Denise who as usual did a top quality buffet.

I believe we raised over £500 which along with the New Years Eve party money will pay to have the front of the club painted in the Spring.

Captains Challenge

The Captains Challenge is going very well.  The Captain and Vice remain undefeated since Jan 3rd!  Nearest competitors are Knight n Hobley.  Gary birdied the last to halve the match which, considering that he had 36, Jim had 32 against Paul and I who both had 40 I’m not sure how that happened!  The rest of you know who you are and need to try harder.

It is easy for me to be smug with a partner off 10 who is playing to about 6.

Public Courses

We are through to the second round of the Gordon Foster public courses comp after a nice win on the 14th of Feb.  Fortunately, our Team Captain Gary Knight made a great putt for a 7 on the last hole at Birchwood to escalate his score to an impressive 26 points.  Paul had 32 so the guys only lost by 13 points away from home.  Simon Bell and myself did our job at home managing an aggregate 82 points to beat our opponents by a meagre 17.  So you can see how important Gary’s putt was – we would have only won by 3 without it! Thanks Gary.


Farewell to Andy Digby who has emigrated to Turkey with his new wife.  I know Doc and myself will miss him deeply – he used to buy me a nice new T Shirt every year on our Le Touquet tour.

Please try to attend the club next Friday 13th for prize giving night- even if you haven’t been lucky enough to win something yourself, next year it could be you……..

Lastly we have the Norman Plum competition on 29th March against Loughton.  It would be good to support our team members under the Captaincy of Mark Arkell to a nice victory to kick off the season.

That’s all til the next update

Your Captain Steve

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