A Short History of Chingford Golf Club


Chingford Golf Club was formed in 1923 by a group of local tradesmen who could only join the existing private club as “artisans”. The founding members were: C. Chasney, A.V Marshall, W.J. Oliver, C.S Perrin, W.F Richardson and J. Warren.

The first meeting place for CGC members was the Coronet Café. This was on the first floor on 1 Forest Avenue, opposite the course. A photograph of the Coronet Café as it then was can be found on the wall of the club room now. The building still exists and is clearly recognisable from the old photo. After the Coronet the club moved to a room in The Royal Forest Hotel. At this stage Chingford joined up with The Walthamstow Golf Club who became CGC members. A survival of this period is the Brock Cup. This was presented to the Walthamstow club in 1914 and continues to be one of the trophies competed for every year by CGC members.

Station Road

In 1928 we moved to our present address in station Road, Chingford. At that stage we rented the rear of the building and the upper floors. The front of the building at that stage was a shop. Its former use as a retail emporium is still evident in the building’s façade.

After the Second World War the club took over the whole building. In the late 60s we bought the freehold from the Crispin family who had a long association with the club. Mr A.S (Pip) Crispin had been president from 1923-1959 and was captain in 1935/36. His son Don Crispin succeeded his father as president and retained that position until 1995, thus matching his father’s 36 year tenure.


Over the years CGC has won some county competitions:

Ted Baldwin: County Champion 1928, 1930 and 1931

Boys Team Champions in 1957, 1958 and 1960

Youth Shield Champions in 1960

Leslie Wood Team Champions in 1958

During its 95 year history the club has had only 9 Presidents and 11 Secretaries. It has had 91 captains including the present incumbent. Archie Down, who joined in the very early years of the club, went on to be captain in 1957, President in 1995 and served on the committee as Treasurer from 1958-1994. Another well known member was Reg Allison who joined in 1947, was captain in 1987 and was famed for playing the clown at the children’s Christmas party.

The club has had many youngsters who have gone on to become professional golfers. We currently have four ex-members who are Essex professionals and one on the European Tour.